Faces Festival 4.-6.8.2017

Faces Festival has celebrated our multicoloured world with high-quality music, art, dance, kids’ program and tasty food for so long that it’s time to experience the 20th Faces! This year, you can witness the powerful Russian women of Iva Nova, the explosive Afro Fusion of Saïsba, Fenno-Ugric folk breezes by ILMOI, the Swedish world music of Eric’s Groove and the legend of Finnish folk Sakari Kukko together with Global Messenger Service who...

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Fiskars is located in the city of Raasepori, the North region, west of Karjaa, less than a hundred kilometers west of Helsinki. Hotel Tegel is on the right opposite the Fiskars Wärdshus when arriving from Helsinki. NB! Some street names were changed because of the new Raseborg city, so when visiting the area, please check the addresses.