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Midsummer in Fiskars Village

Midsummer is celebrated in Finland on Friday 24th of June. It is a traditional festivity where nature, good food, family time and summer cottages plays a central role. 

In Fiskars Village midsummer is celebrated on the running track when Fiskars Village Run - Midsummer runners fills the village.

If you are not keen on running, you can simply enjoy the beautiful...

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Fiskars is located in the city of Raasepori, the North region, west of Karjaa, less than a hundred kilometers west of Helsinki. Hotel Tegel is on the right opposite the Fiskars Wärdshus when arriving from Helsinki. NB! Some street names were changed because of the new Raseborg city, so when using a navigation device it is advisable to use the former address Antskogintie 9 (for example Eniro and Google Maps use the old street name).