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14.5.2017, 11:00 — 24.9.2017, 18:00

Greetings from SUOMI -summer exhibition

Greetings from SUOMI 14.5.-24.9.2017


The summer exhibition by ONOMA, the Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars is called Greetings from SUOMI. It is a unique combination of locality and internationality....

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12.7.2017 — 6.8.2017

Stories from the Ironworks 12.7.-6.8.2017

Join the the guided walks to the Ol Mill and listen to stories told by Iron works villagers. 

The walks starts twice a day from the Market square Tourist Info. 

Wednesdays-Sundays 12.7-6.8.2017

11:30 am in...

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Changing exhibitions


Manor House

Stenhuset (stone house) or the Manor House is the main building of the Fiskars Ironworks. Built in 1816-1822, it originally provided both living quarters for the owner and an administrative center for the ironworks village.

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Nature paths

The Rissla forest path

The Rissla forest path passes through the paths and roads along the Fiskars Village in the nearby forests. Along the route are not only areas of natural beauty, but also historical and silvicultural points of interest.

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Tree Species Path

Explore the beautiful grounds of Fiskars Village by walking the Tree Species Path. The two-kilometer path meanders in and around the village, with at least 23 different species. One of the trees is a venerable oak which is as old as the village – more than 365 years, that is! In addition to oaks, you can find cherries, hazels, lindens, and Douglas firs, among others.

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