Three Producers - tasting tour

Visit Fiskars three beverage producers Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery and Kuura cider on the Three Producers -tour.

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Upper works Culture path

Learn about the history of Fiskars Upper Works on the 2km long Culture Path

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Enjoy the beautiful nature around Fiskars with our friendly horses! 

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Mountain biking - Fiskars Village Trail Center

Enjoy the beautiful nature and the thrill of speed all at once - try mountain biking in Fiskars Village!

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Stand Up Paddling with Pyry ja Pärske

SUP-boards for rent and SUP-courses in Fiskars Village.

Experience Fiskars Village from the water! Pyry ja Pärske offers SUP-board for rent in Fiskars Village.

Stand Up paddling is paddling standing on a board on water....

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Fiskars Village skate park

During spring 2015 the fine and unique skate park in Fiskars Village was opened. The project was carried out by MLL:s local association in Fiskars.  The park was designed by Janne Saario in cooperation with Wilson Mäkelä,...

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Activities in Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village is known as a center of Finnish art and design. Its unique surroundings in a historical milieu offers various options of activities for people of all ages.

Have a go at a new craft and get acquainted with the work of...

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Fishing Lords

Take your customers fishing at the great Tammisaari archipelago. Fishing Lords Oy offers full service fishing trips which can be combined with exclusive accomodation and catering. Our locations also include great conference facilities....

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KD Adventure

We offer wild and thrilling experiences close to nature. Our goal is to make every occasion unique and memorable.

Contact us and we'll plan an experience bundle made just for you!

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Kuparivasarantie, 10470 Fiskars

Blacksmiths at work. You can even forge a souvenir for yourself, guided by expert blacksmiths. +358 (0)50 590 2797

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Refreshing and inspiring activities for meeting days and recreation.

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Fishing trips in the nearby areas of Fiskars Village.

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Glass Blowing

Bianco Blu

In Bianco Blu you can admire the professionals at work and learn how to blow glass and fashion an object for yourself!

Duration: 1 hour (enough time for  10 persons to make an object) Fees starting from...

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