Experience Fiskars

Enjoy summer evenings in Fiskars Village on Thursday evenings at 3pm-8pm. Each Thursday has its own theme through which you get a chance to experience the services and local life in Fiskars.
Event date
24.06.2021 - 05.08.2021

Each of the Experience Fiskars evenings (on the Thursdays below) will

24.6. Midsummer

Celebrate Midsummer in the Village! Experience the holiday with food, flowers and handmade crafts from our shops. And in the evening, slow down and enjoy the beautiful summer night with us.


8.7. Visit the Craft square

Experience the Craft square (4 on the map) and meet the smiths and artisans all evening and stay to see them present their craftsmanship.

Fiskars Museum will also be arranging their guided tour, “The Summer Chores” during the evening.

Tours begin: 5pm, 6pm and 7pm

Starting point: Outside the Marketplace shed (20 on the map)

Languages: Finnish, Swedish and English

Time: about 45 minutes

Free entry

No advance booking necessary


15.7. Experience the Upper Works

Meet the entrepeneurs and artisans of the Upper Works all evening. Activities will be held at the Skatepark.

Fiskars museum will be open 11am-8pm and entry into the museum is free all day. Come by and experience our history!


22.7. Childrens’ evening

Activities for children and the whole family will be held in the workshops and the park area.


29.7. Guided tours and guides

Hop-on guided tours with different themes are arranged throughout the evening, explore what life was like in the old Fiskars Village.


5.8. Nature calls

Explore the nature around Fiskars Village with the help of the scouts and the local outdoor businesses and sports club. Orienteering and crafts will be organized for children and families, and you will also be able to tr out mountain bikes and SUP-boards.


Onomas 25th anniversary exhibition Täällä | Här | Here will be open 15-20 during the dates above.