Fiskars Moulain Noir Cabaret – Nov 11 & 29 – Show & Tapas 29€/person

Fiskars Moulain Noir Cabaret presents: Historical facts and fairytales from Fiskars ironworks. Show & tapas 29€ per person, only two shows, be quick and get your ticket!
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Event date
22.11.2019 - 29.11.2019
22 Nov at 19.00 and 29 Nov at 20.00
Assembly Hall, Fiskarsintie 318, 10470 Fiskars
020 439 2099

The history is a cabaret! Fiskars Moulain Noir Cabaret is music, dance and bits and pieces from Fiskars colorful history put together to an amazing show!

The storyline takes the audience on a trip through the history of Fiskars, with tales that make you wonder, did that really happen here? The cabaret will take place in the historical Assembly Hall of Fiskars, and the ticket includes a tapas plate.

Script: koreographer and dancer and local guide Annatuuli Saine
Director: Kati Outinen
Dramaturgy: Jusa Peltoniemi
Music and piano: Gustav Nyström
Bass-baritone: Georgij Babitzin
Cello: Hannu-Pekka Heikkilä
Contrabass: Lassi Kari
Guitarr: Iiro Ollila
Costumes: Saara Kantanen
Photography, video, documentation and lights: Mika Tertsunen
Local guide on film: Pirkko Hakola


Fri 22 Nov at 19.00

Fri 29 Nov at 20.00


29€/person including tapas ans show (vegan and gluten free choices available)


Facts or fairytale?
Ludvig Björkman spent his time shooting rabbits with a gallery gun in his winter garden on the third floor of Fiskars Manor House. 
Antonio Vivaldi got the name ”Il Prete Rosso” when he smudged himselfs with red ochre paint while painting the workers houses on Peltorivi in Fiskars.
feathers were raining from the sky at the wedding of Carl Gustav Mannerheims parents in Fiskars.
Mozart died by his own bullet at a hunting safari in Fiskars in 1819. He was 63 years old when he died. 
The first political assault towards Bobrikov happened in Fiskars.