Fiskars Village Biennale – Vernissage delicacy 15€/person

Want to complete your Fiskars Village Art&Design Biennale vernissage experience with good food in great company? Buy your Vernissage delicacy -ticket here and choose a restaurant to dine in. See below what's included in the ticket.
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Event date
16 - 20
Complete your Fiskars village Art & Design Biennale Vernissage experience with great food in one of our local restaurants The Vernissage delicacy – ticket is valid on 18th May from 4pm to 8pm. 
What will I get?
The ticket includes a delicious dinner in Restaurant Kuparipaja or Fiskars Wärdshus. The dinner is planned to give you a Finnish culinary experience based on the seasons ingredients. Best enjoyed together with locally produces beverages (the personnel at the restaurant are happy to tell you more about our 4 beverage producers). 
How to redeem?
1. Buy your Vernissage delicacy – ticket online (Buy Here -button on top of the image)
2. Choose the restaurant that pleases you most. No table reservation is needed. The ticket is valid 18th May fom 4pm to 8pm. 
3. Show the personnel your ticket (mobile or printed version) and you will hear more about the menu and the beverages recommended with it.
4. Enjoy!
Fiskars Wärdshus (number 2 on the map)
Fiskarsintie 326A
10470 Fiskars 
Restaurant Kuparipaja (numer 6 on the map)
Kuparivasarantie 5
10470 Fiskars