FireLight is an exhibition for the darkening days consisting of four art pieces. 3 outdoors and 1 indoors.
Event date
02.11.2019 - 06.01.2020

FireLight features 4 artworks which can be freely experienced in the magnificent ironworks environment, as well as in the Onoma shop.

FireLight – Fiskars Village winter exhibition opens on Saturday 2nd November!

This year, there will be 4 pieces from a total of six artists, five of whom are members of Onoma.

Tightrope walker (Nuorallakävelijä) by visual artists Eeva-Kaisa Ailus and Katja Öhrnberg, strikes an exciting balance between metal elements and ropes. The ropes are tucked between two trees over Fiskars River in the center of the village. “The red ropes give an indication of who could be performing on the trapeze. Everyday life is a balancing act between many different goals and resources. Tightrope walker displays the courage of throwing yourself into the unknown,” describe the artists Ailus and Öhrnberg. The work is located near the Old Coppersmithy. ( Art piece has been removed, due to storm damage)

Textile artist Deepa Panchamia and media artist Robin Brandt’s installation Morphing Portal combines a fabric sculpture with a generative light projection. Made from hundreds of cubic formations, the light intersects the three-dimensional structure with an overlay of geometric shapes that radiate and pulsate through the fabric. The installation hangs in the Glasshouse outside the Old Coppersmithy and can be seen from street view.

At the beginning of the summer, Petteri Masalin’s work Kajo (Shimmer) was built on Fiskars river bank, bringing the feeling of sunset to the Fiskars forest. Messages left by visitors of the Fiskars Village Art and Design Biennale tell the story of the various sources of happiness that will now shine in a new light during the dark season. The lighting of the work was designed and implemented by SAAS Instruments Oy. The work is located on the river bank near the Old Fire Station.

A wall mural by visual artist Sirpa Kolu is lit for 24 hours a day throughout the FireLight exhibition. The work hangs inside Onoma Shop’s White Gallery and can be viewed through the window when the shop is closed.

The opening of this year’s FireLight exhibition will be held at Kulma, the Old Coppersmithy on Saturday 2nd November from 7pm. There will be a music performance by Onoma member, Olli Kari and Ilari Edelman.

Warm Welcome!

The FireLight exhibition has been put together by Event Manager Jouni Virtanen from Fiskars Village, in collaboration with performance artist Maija Mustonen and Exhibition manager, Emilia Hänninen from Onoma.

FireLight is part of the Dark Weekend event which will be celebrated in Raasepori between 1st -3rd November 2019.