Event date
21.11.2020 - 06.01.2021

FireLight event brings light into the darkness at Fiskars Village. The event consists of two pieces: INVAASIO – a light sculpture by Maikki Pekkala and Guerrilla Lighting by Annukka Larsen and Tarja Ervasti.


The event is produced by ONOMA in cooperation with Desico and Lafoy Oy



Maikki Pekkala: INVAASIO


As an outcome of the climate change new species of fungi and plants will be born. In Maikki Pekkalas installation we will see how imaginative mushrooms and plats have overpowered a tree by the Old Mill by Fiskars river. The installation will be available until Jan 6th 2021. 


Maikki Pekkala is a artist from Karjalohja who is intrigued by the world of plats, fungi and animals. 



Tarja Ervasti & Annukka Larsen: Guerrilla -event


Guerrilla Lighting -light event is a fun and different social event where three well known places in Fiskars will be illuminated by the light artists and a group of volunteers. The illumination takes only a few minutes but will leave a strong mark in your memory. The event will be documented by photographer Antti-Jussi Rantala. The documentation can be seen at ONOMA gallery during December 2020. 


Guerrilla Lighting is a concept by English light designer Martin Lupton. He believes one can take control over a place fast and efficiently with light.



Guerrilla Lighting Saturday 21.11. at 16.30.

Please attend only if you are feeling well. We recommend wearing a mask in public events.