Ägräs Distillery Tap Room

We welcome you to visit Ägräs Distillery Tap Room, where you can taste our products in addition to local beers from Fiskars Brewery. The rustic Tap Room encapsulates the essence of Ägräs Distillery.
Open: Fri-Sun
Old Knife Factory, Peltorivi 7, 10470 Fiskars
+358 (0)45 857 4555

Welcome to have a look at how the distillery works, enjoy wild herb cocktails and world class gin and tonics either inside or sitting at the terrace by Fiskars River. We’re open for public during summer from May to September. For tours, meetings and tastings we are open year round. Our tours and tasting events require a minimum of ten people to attend.


Distillery & Brewery Tours, Tastings & Deli

A tour of both the distillery and brewery together with tastings, followed up by local food paired with local spirits and beverages; dine at a Fiskars restaurant, or in the Ägräs Tap Room. The price will depend upon the restaurant of choice. Advanced bookings must be made. 75-95€ per person

Distillery & Brewery, Tours & Tastings

Includes tours and tastings at both the distillery and the brewery 35€ per person, approximately 1.5 – 2 hours

Distillery Tour OR Brewery Tour

Experience what happens behind the scenes at the distillery or the brewery 10€ per person, approximately 35 minutes

Tap Room Meetings

Our Tap Room is available even during autumn and winter from September to April and is equipped with digital display. The rate includes coffee, tea, and pastries. 120€ per hour


An introduction to the taste profiles created in the Distillery or Brewery. 20€ per person, approximately 45 minutes


Bookings and more info: moi@agrastaproom.com