Ägräs Distillery

Ägräs distillery specializes in signature spirits, whose taste profiles are built with pure, fragrant wild herbs, and bespoke aging processes. The unique products offer indulgent consuming experience for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. 

Ägräs Distillery is a craft distillery built upon mastery of tradition and passion for unique product experiences.

Situated in the historic village
of Fiskars, Finland - renowned internationally for its rich heritage in crafts, design and arts - the Distillery was created as embodiment of the communal know-how.

Custom bottles and glasses made by the glassblowers of Fiskars, a tasting room adorned with furniture from the local carpenters, and bunches of local herbs bundled and ready for their purpose, fill the estate with the spirit of nature. In this unique setting Ägräs Distillery crafts its bespoke line of Akvavit, Gin, Digestif and Whisky - all with unmistakable taste profiles, embodying Ägräs strong vision. 





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