News from Fiskars Village

Performing arts in Fiskars Village

This summer you can enjoy a variety of performing arts in Fiskars Village! Here is a few:

Teatterivalimo with its summer theater Maamme - Nykykuvia Suomesta (in Finnish) has shows throughout the summer. More information here. 

Inventorium - dance show is a part of Onomas summer exhibition. Shows throughout the summer. More information here. 

Taikateatteri is an ensemble of two talented magicians. Shows everyday in July at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4 pm. More information here. 

This year Faces goes Fiskars. Faces is a joyous festival where multiculturalism is celebrated with music and good food in a relaxed atmosphere. More information here.


Come and enjoy music, dance, theater and the summer to Fiskars Village!


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