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Una Pampula´s Songboat

A children's musical theater adventure at Fiskars playground.

Una Pampula is known and loved by the children of Fiskars. She lives in a secret forest but often comes into the village to play and sing with the kids. Now Una’s songs have disappeared. Faced with the first big change in her life she meets a parrot that has just lost it’s captain and so the adventure shall commence.

Una Pampula’s Songboat  shows the difficulty of handling emotions and the fear of growing up via theatre and music.

Premiere 27 May at 5pm.

Shows 28th May to 1st July at Fiskars playground’s boat

Wednesdays at 5pm
Saturdays at 11am
Sundays at 2pm

Runtime 35min.

Optional entrance fee.

Dress for the weather, the show is outdoors.

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