Black Hall

The BlackHall in the old Coppersmithy is a 395 m2 industrial style space that can be used for both private events, such as weddings and parties, but also for company events, concerts and exhibitions. The space can be rented for a shorted or longer period of time from october to april. The space is not heated.
The BlackHall in the Old Coppersmithy, Kuparivasarantie 5D, 10470 Fiskars
Reservations. Tel: +358 20 439 2099

Info about the space

  • Great location in the middle of Fiskars Village
  • Resturant in the same building
  • 395 m2
  • Restrooms in the connected space
  • Furniture can be rented separately
  • The space can be rented together with the White Hall
  • No heating, heaters can be installed for events.

Catering: Restaurant Kuparipaja or Fiskars Wärdshus

Accommondation in Fiskars

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