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25.11.2017, 12:00 — 2.4.2018, 17:00

BERTEL GARDBERG 101 -Commemorative exhibition

In 2016, the centenary of the birth of designer and silversmith Bertel Gardberg, the idea arose of an exhibition celebrating his life’s work of considerable scope. This idea is now being realised and the exhibition isopen in the Copper...

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3.2.2018, 11:00 — 3.2.2018, 17:00

Fiskars Village FatBike Marathon

Fiskars Village FatBike Marathon - Unofficial Finnish Championship race for Fat Bikes

The greatest and only winter biking event in southern Finland, in the picturesque milieu of Fiskars Village and in the trails of Fiskars Village Trail...

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Changing exhibitions



The Fiskars Granary was built of slag brick in 1902 according to designs by Waldemar Aspelin. The Granary is in a solid Neo-Renaissance style and it has served as exhibition rooms since 1996.

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Nature paths

The Rissla trail

The Rissla forest path passes through the paths and roads along the Fiskars Village in the nearby forests. Along the route are not only areas of natural beauty, but also historical and silvicultural points of interest.

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Tree Species Path

Explore the beautiful grounds of Fiskars Village by walking the Tree Species Path. The two-kilometer path meanders in and around the village, with at least 23 different species. One of the trees is a venerable oak which is as old as the village – more than 365 years, that is! In addition to oaks, you can find cherries, hazels, lindens, and Douglas firs, among others.

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