Enjoy the beautiful nature around Fiskars with our friendly horses! 

We arrange riding treks of different lenghts (0,5h-6h) for small 1-3 person groups, for all levels of riders. Anybody can come to explore the forests on horseback even as a beginner! It is possible to have someone leading your horse if you wish. On longer treks we stop for breaks, such as a coffee in Fiskars Village or a light lunch by a peaceful lake in the wilderness. We also have horse grooming and handling lessons for all ages (also suitable for people with special needs). At the same time you will get to meet the other animals on the farm: sheep, chickens, cats and dogs.
For more information and bookings:
tell. +358 50 3453477 / Maija
Norrgård Organic Farm, Antskog 
(4,5 km from Fiskars Village)

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