Three Producers - tasting tour

Visit Fiskars three beverage producers Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery and Kuura Cider on the award winning Three Producers -tour.

Visit Fiskars beverage producers  on the Three Producers -tour. The tour includes a visit to Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars Brewery and Kuura cider and a tasting of their products. A local guide will lead you into the history of Fiskars Village with interesting stories.

The three producers; Ägräs Distillery, Fiskars brewery and Kuura Cider were awarded Significant Tourism Achievement in the Hungry for Finland competition arranged by the ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Visit Finalnd, MTK and Haaga-Helia institute.

Click here to see video presentation on Youtube!

Time 2-3 hours, price 55€/pers (min. charge/group 120€).



Ask also for dinner packages!

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