27.10.2018 — 1.12.2018

FireLight is a five-week long theme period consisting of light Art and sound installation.

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Iron Works Villagers Christmas Workshops and Cat Café

21.11.2018 — 22.12.2018

In the workshops we make Christmas decorations and cards with traditional techniques. As materials we use for example clove, oranges, straw, paper and water colours. The workshops are arranged by the heat of the fireplace in our...

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Christmas in Fiskars Village 2018

24.11.2018 — 6.1.2019

Christmas in Fiskars is filled with warm atmosphere, delicious food and many things to see and do. Christmas in Fiskars is filled with atmosphere, high quality presents, delicious food and many things to see and do. The Christmas season...

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Aesthetic Research Tour – Howard Smith 90 -exhibition 1.12.2018 -3.3.2019

1.12.2018 — 3.3.2019

Year 2018 is the Howard Smith 90 -jubileum that culminates in an unforeseen exhibition of Smiths life’s work - A journey of curiosity and exploration in the world of art, materials and techniques.

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