Aesthetic Research Tour – Howard Smith 90 -exhibition 1.12.2018 -3.3.2019

Aesthetic Research Tour – Howard Smith 90 -exhibition 1.12.2018 -3.3.2019

Year 2018 is the Howard Smith 90 -jubileum that culminates in an unforeseen exhibition of Smiths life’s work - A journey of curiosity and exploration in the world of art, materials and techniques.


Howard Smith’s art celebrates the cultural diversity in a way that remains of great relevance. Smith’s works were cataloged 2017 and now an amazing window to more than half a decade of American-Finnish art and design is there for us to open. Pure joy.


More info coming soon

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2018-12-01 2019-03-03 01.12.2018 — 03.3.2019


Copper Smithys Black Hall

Kuparivasrantie 5

10470 Fiskari