Fiskars Village will be filled with fire and light when CulturaMobila decorates Fiskars River with giant lanterns shaped like animals. The path of lanternas starts at the market place and follows you to Coppersmithy where Cultura Mobila arranges a spectacle including theater, music, fire installations and giant dolls, five Saturdays in October and November. The show is suitable for both adults and children over 7 years. 


For the third year running, CulturaMobila Community Arts is happy to collaborate with Fiskars Village in creating TuliValo. Once again, we are working together with a large team of local people and organisations to provide a spectacular programme of lantern art, giant puppetry, shadow theatre, dance, drama and choral singing.


Last years’ immensely popular giant animal lanterns - with one new addition - will again inhabit the river, and five performances of a brand  new show, AINATAR, each featuring a spectacular fire sculpture on the river at Kuparipaija, will be given in the Black Hall from 28.10.


In AINATAR, a whirling spirit conjures up a beautiful new world on the banks of a mythical river. All is well until a young dragon and its shadowy master cast Ainatar into the depths and establish their own dynasty of fear and loathing. Can Ainatar be recovered and balance restored? Who will brave the pit to reassemble her shattered body? And what should be done with the chaotic powers of the lively dragon?

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2017-10-28 2017-11-25 28.10.2017 — 25.11.2017

28 Oct trough 25 Nov, Saturdays at 7pm

Lanterns at the river can be seen 24/7

Black Hall @ Copper Smithy

Free entrance. Suitable for both adults and children over 7years.