KOTO-workshops are a way to immerse oneself in the concept of home by art and design. Together with
artists, designers, asylum seekers and local residents from Fiskars we seek to create solutions for
challenges related to acculturation. These workshops are carried out in August 2017 in Fiskars Village and
they offer an inspiring environment for a dialogue between people and different cultures.

During Omakoto-workshop we will furnish a miniature house of a 1:10 ratio of a 12m2 room. A window into
cultural influences as well as to one’s own individual world will open during this workshop. The importance of
private space unfolds often not until one loses his or her home. There are inspirational material as well as a
wide variety of different techniques provided to decorate the miniature room and start creating dreams.
Omakoto-workshop in Makasiini 19.8.2017 from 2pm


Lintukoto-workshop is arranged for designing and making homes for migratory birds. All participants are
encouraged to interpret the word “Lintukoto” (bird home) boldly with the help of figurative inspirational
material. There are multiple techniques, materials and advice from professionals for making one’s own
design successful. This work method will let participants get to know how an artist or a designer works, and
what kind of steps there are included in a work process of an artisan.
Photographer Lasse Kylänpää will brief the workshop with photos and stories of the journey of migratory
birds grounded on the book “Linnuntie”.
Lintukoto-workshop in Makasiini 26.8.2017 from 2pm

Both workshops are open for everyone and we highly encourage you to come and take part. You may come
and check out what we do, or you may take part in our Nonstop-workshops, where you can create
inhabitants to miniature spaces or bird homes that are being created during the actual workshops.

Both workshops are organized by Tuulia Penttilä
Koto-workshops are supported by Kone Foundation and the local union of Mannerheim League for Child
Welfare. Cooperation partners in this project are Fiskars Village and Onoma

Time Omakoto-workshop 19.8.2017, 2pm.  Lintukoto-workshop 26.8.2017, 2pm
Place Makasiini, Fiskars
More information tuulia@tuuliapenttila.fi

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2017-08-19 2017-08-26 19.8.2017 — 26.8.2017



Old Granary

Fiskarsintie 333

10470 Fiskars