ROOTS/JUURET Exhibition and Launch

ROOTS/JUURET Exhibition and Launch
by design collective Son of Martin

Son of Martin is a family design collective. As designers, our family and love of design and craftsmanship brings us together. We continue our grandfathers’ craft traditions through two generations, each in our own way.

We are divided across the world, in Finland and Australia. Our time together, our dependence on each other and shared understanding provides support for the development of our individual design articulation. Each exhibiting designer works either as an independent designer or in a micro-business. Although our individual approaches to design are distinctive, the whole is brought together through an uncompromising commitment to advancing design and craft workmanship.

ROOTS/JUURET exhibition offers the differing approaches of the designers and their different perspectives: structural, conceptual, artistic and theoretical. The exhibition shows how Finnish furniture design can also break from the traditional image and be exuberant, rich in detail, and artistically realised.

Designers participating:

•Interior architect Anne Kosonen will show her signature spaces spatial design concept, and art pieces from CLT as an extension of her CLT mini-house concept, an example of which is situated in Fiskars village.

•Interior architect and furniture designer Wilhelmiina Kosonen shows her WHATMENT WARRIORS cabinets, inspired by clothing and the challenges of bringing physical characteristics of clothing to furniture. With this cabinet series, she explores the ability of furniture to act as an art piece - an object of contemplation.

•Designer-makers Helena Kinnunen and Lasse Kinnunen (Deka Studio) show a selection of their furniture pieces for Deka Studio, including sofas, tables and chairs, and a handcrafted commission cabinet series on its way to London. Their furniture and accessories represent high quality, sustainable design and craftsmanship.

•Redirective designer Nora Kinnunen will introduce her the Endangered Skill platform, where she critically considers the role of craft in modern life, and how through craft knowledge and skills we can explore sustainability.

Exhibition open: 17.6 – 16.7.2017 Mon-Sun 11am – 5pm, Granary, Fiskarsintie, Fiskars 10470.
Exhibition opening: Friday 16.6.2017, 2 – 5pm.

press information and images: Helena Kinnunen,


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2017-06-17 2017-07-16 17.6.2017 — 16.7.2017

Opening hours

17 June – 16 July 2017, Mon-Sun 11am – 5pm,


Old Granary,

Fiskarsintie 333,

'Fiskars 10470

Helena Kinnunen