Sibelius Inspiration - multimedia concert

Cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist  Nazig Azezian will perform a unique  Sibelius Inspiration -multimedia concert @Fiskars Village on Saturday 16 June from 4pm to 6 pm.

Concert will be an unique journey to the world that inspired Jean Sibelius. Concert will combine the wonderfull music of Sibelius and also video art made by Aira Vehaskari. Some of the videos were filmed in Ainola, the homeplace of Jean Sibelius.

Music in the Concert will contain some of the most familiar song composed by Sibelius which have been arranged to Cello and Piano by Matti Makkonen.

Concert will be an experience for all your senses, with music, video, lights and sounds.


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2018-06-16 2018-06-16 16.6.2018

4pm to 6pm


Assembly Hall

Fiskarsintie 318

10470 Fiskari


15 /12€

by the door