Clock Tower Building

The red-brick Clock Tower Building from 1826 was originally a school. In the 1830s the stables were added as a second wing. At the same time a wooden clock tower was added to the roof. The original Finnish-made Könni no. 9 clock has marked the time at Fiskars since 1842. The architects C.L. Engel, A. Peel and A.F. Granstedt were involved in the design of the building in various ways. At present, it contains apartments, shops and exhibition rooms.

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Office building

The oldest surviving building at Fiskars is the ironworks office from 1765. Originally built as a residence for the owner of the works, the house was painted with ruddle (a red pigment) in the nineteenth...

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The Fiskars Granary was built of slag brick in 1902 according to designs by Waldemar Aspelin. The Granary is in a solid Neo-Renaissance style and it has served as exhibition rooms since 1996.

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Copper Smithy

The Copper Smithy was built in 1818. The two-storey masonry building burned down in 1855 but was rebuilt.

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Assembly Hall

The meeting house, Samlingslokalen or Lukaali, known in English as the Assembly Hall, was designed by the architect Waldemar Aspelin in the revival style of the late nineteenth century, and built with the...

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