Workers’ tenements

The Workers' tenements were originally houses built for the workers. The older building, on the right of the square, was designed by the architect C.L. Engel and dates from 1827. The 'new' building on the left is by J.E. Wiik and was built in 1852. Between these Empire-style buildings stands the wooden bailiff's house from 1849. Restored with modern interiors in the 1990s, the Workers' tenements are still lived in, and also provide workspace and sales facilities for local crafts people and designers.

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The stone cowshed was built in 1921, when it housed some 150 cattle. The building, which may have been designed by Lars Sonck, is today home to the Desico Candle Factory and Tahvoset Garden Shop.

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A group of workers’ dwellings and outbuildings, built in 1859 for workers in the rolling mill. During Julin’s time, it was thought that houses built higher up the slopes would be healthier than...

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Completed in 1836, the foundry had two cupola furnaces. Products of the foundry were mostly used by the ironworks and in Fiskars Village.

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A workers’ housing area. Built around 1890. Owned by the town of Raseborg.

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