Workers’ tenements

The Workers' tenements were originally houses built for the workers. The older building, on the right of the square, was designed by the architect C.L. Engel and dates from 1827. The 'new' building on the left is by J.E. Wiik and was built in 1852. Between these Empire-style buildings stands the wooden bailiff's house from 1849. Restored with modern interiors in the 1990s, the Workers' tenements are still lived in, and also provide workspace and sales facilities for local crafts people and designers.

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Fire Station

The Fiskars Fire Station was built in 1912 and renovated in 1931 in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Fiskars Voluntary Fire Brigade. The hoses were hung to dry inside its tall tower.

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Built as workers’ houses. Present-day residents also include many craft workers and artisans.  

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Copper Smithy

The Copper Smithy was built in 1818. The two-storey masonry building burned down in 1855 but was rebuilt.

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Clock Tower Building

The red-brick Clock Tower Building from 1826 was originally a school. In the 1830s the stables were added as a second wing.

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