The nature of Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village boasts a unique history, and its setting is special, too. The microclimate of the lush river valley differs from the surrounding regions, and this shows in the exceptionally rich flora and fauna, which includes many species that are rare at these latitudes.  Overall, the landscapes have an almost Central European feel to them.

When you approach the village from the south, through a rock tunnel, an idyllic pastoral landscape opens up before you, with cows grazing in meadows by the lakeside. Lake Borgbynjärvi is only half a meter above sea level, and at the time when the ironworks was founded, the arm of the lake was where barges came with their loads of ore. The sea level has since fallen by 2 meters. Today, the waterway through the Fiskarsinjoki river and lake Borgbynjärvi into the Pohjanpitäjänlahti bay makes for a nice canoeing trail.  Every fall, the sea trout in the Pohjanpitäjänlahti bay run up the Fiskarsjoki river to spawn.

The village nestles among steep, woody slopes with lofty broadleaved trees and green groves. An easy way to take in the various tree species prevalent in and around the village is by walking the two-kilometer Tree Species Path.

The Fiskarsinjoki river, which rises in the nearby towns of Kisko and Karjalohja, runs through the village. The largest lakes, starting from the upper reaches of the river, are Määrjärvi, Orijärvi, Seljänalainen, and Degersjö – all of which have pure water, with plenty of fish and crayfish. The lakes and the surrounding country offer interesting canoeing and hiking trails. The waterways were formerly important transport routes, and along the way you can find traces of ancient ore transport by water from Kisko to the Fiskars ironworks. Driving logs down streams, rivers and lakes was a common practice and lasted until the 1950s.

In addition to the unique river valley, where Fiskars Village is located, and its water area network, the natural surroundings have a lot more to offer.  The vast woodlands around the village, with dozens of wild lakes, offer you a truly undisturbed nature experience. Local fauna includes moose and wild reindeer, as well as lynxes, bears and wolves. In the bogs, you can hear wood grouse and black grouse, or catch sight of flying squirrels or Red-throated Loons. The woods around Fiskars Village feature small hidden paradises for those interested in owls, bats, and dragonflies and other flying insects.

Almost ten percent of the forests are designated as conservation areas (compared to the average figure of below one percent in southern Finland in general). The rest of the woodland is commercial forest but it is tended with special care. There are tranquil places for lonely wanderers and trails and guidance for those exploring the woods in groups. Hiking, fishing, berry-picking, mushrooming, and just being in the great outdoors are simple and unbeatable experiences that anyone can enjoy. Our trusted partners in event management can also customize a suitable program for those of our visitors who prefer more action. If you want to get in some hunting and fishing, you cannot find a better place than the Fiskars woodlands.

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Nature in Fiskars Village