The Rissla trail

The Rissla forest path passes through the paths and roads along the Fiskars Village in the nearby forests. Along the route are not only areas of natural beauty, but also historical and silvicultural points of interest.

Forested stretches of the route are marked in orange on the trees. The trail is not marked on street and road sections. The points where the path branches off from the road is marked with signs. It's good to carry a map and it must be able to be read in order to find the points where the path branches off from the main roads. The trails are quite easy to travel, but in some places they have steep and demanding sections, for example in the Rissla dam. When it rains, many places can be slippery. Footwear must be rough terrain capable. Hike at your own risk.

The route is designed so that it can be started from the Village center and end to the Village center. The route can also be combined with the tree species path passing around Flaggberget, of which there is a separate brochure.

The starting point: Isokiskontie 7, N 60 7.9745’ E 23 32.5436’

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