Tree Species Path

Explore the beautiful grounds of Fiskars Village by walking the Tree Species Path. The two-kilometer path meanders in and around the village, with at least 23 different species. One of the trees is a venerable oak which is as old as the village – more than 365 years, that is! In addition to oaks, you can find cherries, hazels, lindens, and Douglas firs, among others.

It takes about one hour to complete the trail, which is mostly easy-to-walk gravel. A 300 meter stretch goes through the woods, rising to Flag Hill some 70 meters above sea level.

The brochure contains a map and identifies the tree species in Finnish, Swedish, English and Latin. You can order brochures in advance by mail from Fiskars Village Info or pick them up in the village on the day of your visit. The path is particularly suited to school groups, but enjoyed by friends of trees of all ages.

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Nature in Fiskars Village