Wedgwood, Waterford & Royal Doulton

Finland's first Wedgwood, Waterford and Royal Doulton brand shop.
Wed-Sat 11am-5pm (6.12.,24.-26.12. and 30.12.-9.2. closed)
Kasarmi1852 (old workers' tenements), Fiskarsintie 360 (for google maps or navigators Fiskarsintie 26), 10470 Fiskars
040 526 5765

The Wedgwood, Waterford & Royal Doulton Shop that opened in the Kasarmi building in the heart of Fiskars Village, in June 2019, will offer home and lifestyle products of the valued English and Irish brands. The shop offers a range of Wedgwood’s luxurious tableware and gift products, Waterford’s crystal items, and Royal Doulton’s modern tableware.

Wedgwood is an English classic brand founded in 1759. Its product range includes sophisticated tableware collections and gift products. The Irish Waterford Crystal founded in 1783, is known for its first-class crystal products. The casual, modern tableware and gift products of Royal Doulton, founded in 1815, are designed for everyday use.

“Wedgwood, Waterford and Royal Doulton have inspired and excited people around the world already for centuries. We want to offer a chance to get to know these unique brands of ours also in Finland. And what would be a better place for this than the birthplace of our company, Fiskars Village”, says Ulla Lettijeff, President, Living business at Fiskars Group.